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Vertical Docks
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[EARLY ADOPTER Pre-order] Vertical Dock for Surface Pro 8

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[EARLY ADOPTER Pre-order] Vertical Dock for Surface Pro 8
  • [EARLY ADOPTER Pre-order] Vertical Dock for Surface Pro 8

This Vertical Dock is similar to our Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X models, but with fitment customized to the Surface Pro 8. Your choice of using either the Microsoft Dock 2 OR a 3rd-party USB-C / Thunderbolt Dock.

Compatible with all Surface Pro 8 models. Not compatible with Pro X, Pro 7 or any other model.

What's in the box:
  • laser-cut VESA back plate in black acrylic
  • industrial 3D-printed parts in black PETG
  • Microsoft Dock 2 electronics cage OR USB-C port extension with cover plate
  • spring-loaded security latch
  • mounting bars for horizontal/vertical layouts

Important Notes:
  • Docking the Surface Pro 8 with USB-C is a little more difficult than with the Microsoft Dock connector. Always use two hands to align the Surface into the Dock.
  • The Surface Pro 8 has 2x USB-C ports but by default, the Vertical Dock only uses one of them. While the Dock has a cutout the second USB-C port we recommend not using it since it makes docking and undocking more difficult
  • Not intended to be used with the original Surface Pro Microsoft charger - requires either Microsoft Dock 2 electronics or USB-C/Thunderbolt hub/dock electronics to connect/charge.
  • We have limited testing of eGPU via the ThunderBolt port. TB3 eGPU performance testing thusfar is encouraging with full performance available however without broad testing, we can't assure every eGPU scenario will work well.

  • This is a pre-order. Shipping for the first batch of early-adopter units is on or before November 1st, 2021.
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • 1-year limited parts warranty
  • free upgrade to production parts with improvements based on customer feedback if/when available