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Cooling kits

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Cooling kits
  • Cooling kits
  • Cooling kits
  • Cooling kits
  • Cooling kits

This is an add-on for certain Vertical Dock models deliver active external cooling to minimize CPU and GPU thermal performance throttling.

While peak performance is not improved, sustained performance is far more consistent with external cooling especially for gaming or other 3D-graphics intensive workloads. The fan is aimed along the center of rear chassis where the CPU/GPU is located for maximum cooling effect.

The upgrade kit Includes:
  • 75x15mm blower fan (USB powered)
  • USB fan speed controller
  • right-angle USB adapter
  • mounting bracket
  • mounting hardware (nuts and bolts)

Speed Controller Tech specs:
  • input: ~4.5-5.2V via USB A plug or micro-USB receptacle
  • output: ~3V-8V via USB A receptacle
  • power: 5W maximum

Fan Tech specs:
  • Model: GDB7515 (GDSTime)
  • electrical: 5V @ 0.4A nominal rating
  • bearing: sleeve (some units have ball-bearings)
  • airflow: 6-7 cfm
  • air pressure: ~125 Pa
  • noise level: 34dBA at 3000 rpm, 27 dBa @ 2600 rpm

    Performance notes:
    • We cannot guarantee any particular performance improvement on your system, but we have observed 20-30% gains in sustained CPU+GPU package power draw when running a Furmark stress test on a Pro 4 Core i5 (9.5W -> 12.5W) at ~20°C ambient temperature . On a Surface Go, sustained package power increased from 6W->8W.
    • Fan speed must be adjusted slowly. When the fan speed controller is set to maximum or adjusted quickly, fan noise may increase without additional airflow.
    • At full speed, the fan is loud - approaching ~40 dBa, but you only need to run the fan at 30-50% speed to get decent cooling performance.

    Additional notes:
    • The cooler assembly attaches to the Vertical dock with a single rear screw (see photos)
    • Take extra care when using the cooling kit in landscape mode as it may be more difficult to Dock and undock your Surface.
    • running some fans past ~66% may increase fan noise but not increase airflow
    • adjust fan speed slowly - abrupt speed changes may stall the fan resulting in additional noise - if this happens, just reduce the fan speed, wait a few seconds, and try raising the fan speed again
    • not intended for use with PWM fans