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Vertical Docks
Adapt your workstation to you, not the other way around

About us

We started with a simple idea of using tablet PCs at eye-level right next to desktop monitors as an ergonomics experiment in the Microsoft Garage. Outside of Microsoft, we continued the experiment by collecting feedback from educators, non-profits, and a vocal Reddit group. With overwhelming support from these communities, we were able to bring a line of ergonomic workstation products to market while building a small startup business in Seattle.

Open-source hardware, Education, and non-profits

Because we love supporting education and non-profits, we've checked some design files into GitHub so individuals can build their own docks from scratch. While we can't promise all our latest innovations will make it to GitHub immediately, they will eventually. If you are a student or a team member of a non-profit organization, feel free to reach out using your .edu or .org email address if you need assistance or to inquire about product discounts.

Rapid Product Iteration

To keep development and production overhead low, we have embraced USA-based 3D-printing and laser cutting manufacturing techniques.  While these don't scale to mass production particularly well, they do enable smaller production runs suitable for our niche products. Without massive investments in injection mold tooling, we can continuously iterate our designs based on your feedback and enable better computing experiences that adapt to you, not the other way around.


Made in the USA

Our products are designed and manufactured in the USA. Some materials and components like nuts and bolts may be sourced from overseas vendors in China and other countries

We were initially flattered to learn that several 3rd-party sellers on various retailers like Newegg are using our product photos and product descriptions. (Free advertising is good, right?) But this was done without permission and these sellers are claiming to have our products in stock in China. They do not - these are fraudulent offers. These pages keep getting removed but keep popping up again as our products become ever more popular on Amazon.