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Vertical Docks

Guide: VESA Arm Selection

Below are a few of our favorite VESA arms that will help you to position your Vertical dock and monitors at the ideal height:

Single Arms:

If external monitors are already well positioned, you need not spend a fortune on new monitor arms. A single arm can be used for positioning your Vertical dock at the correct height. We recommend gas-adjustable models tuned for the weight of the Surface + Dock, but budget non-adjustable models work OK too:

  1. Fleximounts M01 light-duty single gas-adjustable arm (3-11 pounds)
  2. MonoPrice non-adjustable
  3. ErgoTron LX ERG45241026 (with optional arm extension, you can bring the Surface as far as your lap for drawing)

Dual Arms:

A dual arm can hold a Vertical dock plus a single monitor or two monitors. Our favorite models are from Loctek:

  1. Loctek D5D mid-duty dual gas-adjustable arms (up to two 27" monitors @11 pounds each - well tuned for positioning Surface)
  2. Loctek D5DH heavy duty dual gas adjustable (up to two 27" monitors @22 pounds each)
  3. Loctek D7DR heavy-duty dual gas-adjustable (up to two 34" wide monitors @22 pounds each)
  4. Ergotron LX ERG45245026 (with optional arm extension, you can bring the Surface as far as your lap for drawing)

Triple Arms:

Triple arms are great for a clean look in mounting two monitors plus a vertical dock. But in our experience, there is a price premium and less flexibility in monitor placement with these rigs. Unless you absolutely need the cleanest look for your desk, many customers are better served getting a dual mount such as the Loctek D5D plus a single mount like the Fleximounts M01. That being said, here are a few triple mounts that customers have reported success with:

  1. HumanScale M2 M/Flex Arms
  2. Mount-It MI-2753 Arms
  3. EleTab triple mount

What about Glass desks?

The above mounts use clamp mechanisms which won't work for glass desktops. Free-standing weighted models such as these will work better:

  1. VIVO Dual Stand V002P
  2. VIVO Triple Stand V003FG