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Guide: Monitor Selection

We receive many customer questions regarding monitor choices. We hesitate to steer customers toward particular brands and models. We cannot stress enough the importance of visiting a physical retailer to choose a monitor that looks good to you - not one that looks good to folks writing on the Internet.

That being said, below we've listed a handful of monitor models that customers have had particularly good luck with and are sized to match your Surface. All models are IPS panels with best-in class color reproduction for good performance across a variety of workflows. They also include a VESA-mount capability which we feel is crucial for optimizing workstation ergonomics.

Most of these models are NOT 4K. 1440p panels tend to be much higher quality than 4K panels of similar cost. And given typical viewing distances, 4K monitors will have screen contents automatically scaled by Windows 10 so the extra pixels are not particularly useful for most customers.


15" devices: Surface Book 2-3 / Surface Laptop 3


13.5" devices: Surface Book 1-3 / Surface Pro X / Surface Laptop

While any of the monitors specified for 15" models will work, the following monitors match particularly well:


12.3" and smaller devices: Surface Pro 3-7 / Surface Go 1-2

These monitor sizes match particularly well for the smaller devices:


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Custom resolution settings

Check out the custom resolution options to tune your workstation.