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Vertical Docks
Adapt your workstation to you, not the other way around

Upgrade kits

$19.99 USD - $44.99 USD
Upgrade kits

An upgrade kit allows you to adapt a previously purchased Vertical Dock to use with a newer Surface Device. Our goal is to minimize waste so as many parts as possible are re-used.

Included in the kit:
  1. New bottom "cradle"
  2. New spring-loaded security latch (Pro 8 -> Pro 9 upgrades re-use the old part)
  3. New horizontal mounting bars (optional)
  4. New MS Dock 2 electronics cage (Pro->Pro and Book->Studio upgrades re-use the old cage)
  5. Black-oxide fasteners (all models re-use the old fasteners but we include a few extras just in case the old ones are worn-out or lost)

Additional parts like bottom plates and USB-C connectors are available on the parts page.

Unfortunately, we do not have upgrades available for the Surface Go series.