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USB adapter

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USB adapter
  • USB adapter
  • USB adapter
  • USB adapter

To use a 3rd-party USB-C hub with a Vertical Dock instead of the Microsoft brand docking electronics, you need one of these adapters and a bottom cover plate.

Right-angle (old style) adapters work with:
  • Surface Go 1-3
  • Surface Pro X
  • Surface Pro 7/7+ (older Vertical Dock with front-facing cutout only)

Right-angle (TB4 compatible) adapters work with:
  • Surface Pro 8-9
  • Surface Laptop Studio

Straight-through (TB4 compatible) adapters work with:
  • Surface Book 2-3
  • Surface Pro 7/7+ (Vertical Dock with bottom facing cutout only)
  • Surface Pro 8/9 (optional upgrade)
  • Surface Laptop Studio (optional upgrade)

Important Notes:
  • For installation on a Vertical Dock, you MUST use with a bottom cover plate (available from the parts page) otherwise they won't fit properly.
  • Using two USB-C connectors together or USB-C alongside the Microsoft connector will make docking more difficult and is not recommended for frequent docking and un-docking.
  • None of the USB-C adapters are USB-IF certified therefore performance and safety cannot be guaranteed. However, the TB4-compatible adapters have been tested on TB4 docks with 100W power delivery and 40Gb/s bandwidth with external GPU and external SSDs.